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    Post by pakira-chan on Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:19 am

    AOI BIOGRAPHY Tumblr_lbqjnpBgof1qb6qhq

    Real name: Shiroyama Yuu (城山 優)
    Birthday: January 20th, 1979
    Birthplace: Mie, Japan
    Blood Type: A
    Height: 171cm (5’ 7”)
    Weight: 55kg (121 lbs)
    Colors: white, black
    Hobbies: Composing, Guitar solos, Marumen
    Favorite Food: food made with a lot of love
    Disliked Food: none
    Favorite Drinks: Asahi Super Dry Coffee
    Brand: Bvlgari, Vivienne Westwood, DOLCE & GABANNA, Armani, Peacemaker, Frontier Doll
    Cologne: Bvlgari, Davidoff
    Collection: sunglasses, perfume, accessories, shirt
    Cigarette: Marlboro Menthol
    First Copied Song: X - Kurenai
    Family: Parents, older brother, older sister
    Liked Type: good at cooking and gentle
    Disliked Type: A person who gets angry easily
    Animals: dog, cat
    Previous Bands: Mervilles, Artia


    Aoi admits he has a habit of playing with his sideburns.
    He loves to eat things made with love
    He used to want to be a bike racer
    He collects sunglasses, perfume, accessories and clothes
    He used to work in a wedding hall and at a convenience store
    His favourite season is winter
    Aoi has two lip piercings (although he normally only wears on lip ring), one piercing on his right ear and two on his left ear
    has a belly button ring
    the oldest member in gazette
    likes Vivenne Westwood
    born in mie prefecture
    has to sleep on the guest bed when he goes home to visit his parents
    worst point is his temper
    wears the clothes that fans send him
    wanted to be a pro motorcycle driver when he was younger.
    loves Metallica
    does kendo.
    likes to play video games
    started playing the guitar because of his brother
    real name is Shiroyama Yuu
    likes surfing
    loves strawberries
    is very courteous to anyone who visits his house (ie. offers drinks, food, etc)
    strongest subject in school was Home Economics.
    his favorite colors are black and white
    uses mouthwash after lives.
    stopped dying his hair after being in gazette for a while
    often smokes
    likes to drink coffee
    is 171 cm tall and his blood type is A
    have 3 ear holes on his left ear, but he rarely shows it in photos
    speaks Kansai-ben
    enjoys wearing sunglasses
    was in a baseball club at school
    compares himself with a fox.
    rival is his father
    favorite phrase; ” No. ”
    wears Bvlgari cologne
    likes to wear dangly stuff during lives because it gives him more energy
    says a lot of ‘mmmm…’ and ‘nn…’s when he speaks.
    is a meticulous planner, scheduler and likes to adhere strictly to his daily schedule
    collects sunglasses, perfume, accessories, and shirts
    his ESP guitar is buyable!
    his lip piercing resembles the one Miyavi has
    Aoi loves Mika Nakashima. He listens to her songs whenever he feels sad.
    used to work in a convenience store
    He has recently gotten a nose ring
    Recently took out his lip-ring, but may put it back in


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