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    Spreading the GAZELOVE ♥


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    Spreading the GAZELOVE ♥ Empty Spreading the GAZELOVE ♥

    Post by Keysii on Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:08 pm

    Ano, I think this is the right place to put this so...

    Hai! Minna-san, Konnichiwa~

    Eto... Just want to say that, well, this forum is really great and has really polite and hard-working Admins and Members~
    Even though I just became a member, I want to advertise this forum ^^
    If it's possible, I mean. I want to make some advertising buttons, ad. banners and more~ I just love thinking up that sort of thing ^^; [s]Yes, I've been always assigned to this kinda job in some forums*shot* [/s]

    I wanna contribute some of those because I mainly want to be a REAL member of this forum de~su soshite, I want to help out people who've worked real hard haha♥️
    I'm so sorry if this is all I can do for now... I promise to help this forum as a good member (^^)b

    I just want everyone to know that this forum deserves alot of respect and support :3 And who knows? We may gain enough support to invite The GazettE to the Philippines♥️ ne? [s]Ireallyhopesohaha[/s]

    I hope this gets approve! haha xD


    EDIT :

    Uhm... I've made some samples if anyone would care ;~; I hope to know what you people think about this idea ^^;

    Here are samples for one of each member~ They aren't really good so, gomen ne
    (_ __llll) But I can help out people who've got nice ideas and can send me pics and details about the buttons they want ^^- or they could make it themselves Smile

    Reita :
    Spreading the GAZELOVE ♥ 2cggcj9

    Ruki :
    Spreading the GAZELOVE ♥ 2r3z1gj

    Aoi :
    Spreading the GAZELOVE ♥ Vmpwdl

    Uruha :
    Spreading the GAZELOVE ♥ 300gzle

    Kai :Spreading the GAZELOVE ♥ Nleb7d

    They're abit huge [which I realized just now = v=] so I can minimize them if you guys want ^^. Please share your thoughts about it ~

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    Spreading the GAZELOVE ♥ Empty Re: Spreading the GAZELOVE ♥

    Post by AoiStalker on Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:45 am

    Oh, I think it's a good idea. I will ask the opinions of the Main Admin, Developers and moderators for this. Good Suggestion, Keysii.

    Thank you. XD

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    Spreading the GAZELOVE ♥ Empty Re: Spreading the GAZELOVE ♥

    Post by Keysii on Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:08 am

    Thank you for giving me your views about this idea ^^
    I'll gladly support this forum... if you guys agree, that is.

    Have a good day~

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    Spreading the GAZELOVE ♥ Empty Re: Spreading the GAZELOVE ♥

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