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    the ROCKERZ Rules and Regulation


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    the ROCKERZ Rules and Regulation Empty the ROCKERZ Rules and Regulation

    Post by LarriX on Tue Dec 07, 2010 6:35 pm

    Please abide the following FORUM Rules.

    BE FRIENDLY and ACCOMODATING. As much as possible, be respectful of another person's opinion.

    NO BASHING! (Bashing - to criticize, threaten or accuse a person.) You're free to speak out your opinion. Just make sure that you keep your words on the line. Provoking other members by your unnecessary comments will result to permanent deactivation of your account. And also, keep in mind that this is a the GazettE forum site. If you hate them, don't try to Register or post unwanted comments. We won't tolerate jerks who will put down our favorite band.

    Don't double post and avoid replies with less than 10 words. And also, stay on the SUBJECT. Don't hijack other posts by talking a different topic on that post.

    PLEASE, do not take any of "the GazettE members" as yours exclusively. LEARN HOW TO SHARE THEM TO OTHERS! By this, we don't allow members to use the Gazemens name as USERNAMES. We will ask you to change your USERNAME.


    ENGLISH is the preferred language written in this forum. If you are going to use your native language, please do so discretely. When using another language, it is appropriate to translate it. (COURTESY PLEASE!)

    The Chat Box is free for everyone. Please avoid using harsh/offensive/abusive/degrading/negative/violent language.

    Sharing of recent informations regarding theGazettE is acceptable (e.g. twitter posts by Aoi/Ruki) in this forum. Informations from the HERESY site is under negotiation, please take into consideration the HERESY MEMBERS who are also part of this forum. LEARN HOW TO ASK FIRST!

    PLEASE DO NOT ADVERTISE OTHER FANSITE/S ON THIS FORUM! *We want to provide you the LATEST, LEGAL AND APPROPRIATE informations regarding the GazettE, advertising other fansites in this forum is NON-NEGOTIABLE!*
    comments, suggestions and violent reactions regarding this matter will be entertained.

    *RULE BREAKERS WILL BE SUSPENDED DEPENDING ON THE VIOLATIONS. Worst case scenario, your account will be deactivated or you will be banned permanently (ACCOUNT, EMAIL and IP)

    Rules made by AddictedtoAOI. Revised by LarriX.

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